NEWS: V1.1.3 has been released!

Description of the Issues


The removal of subjective leeway time for scheduled transactions in Version 1.1.2 exposed a latent bug in validation logic that eventually prevented nodes from being able to join active and valid chains ( #4986 ). As a result, Version 1.1.2 is considered invalid and all node operators running it should consider upgrading.

Non Critical Security Updates

  • fixed edge case where scheduled transactions that fail ( hard_fail or soft_fail status ) could throw exceptions out to the calling code in violation of the expected semantics of the controller::push_scheduled_transaction method
  • fixed bug preventing proper cpu billing for scheduled transactions that fail ( hard_fail or soft_fail status )


  • Boost 1.68 will soon be released. Pin the MacOS homebrew install to 1.67, for now, to preemptively avoid auto upgrade when running eosio build script.

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