NEWS: EOSIO Release 1.2.2 has been released!

This release provides bug fixes and non-critical security fixes.

Description of the Issues

Fix Null-pointer Dereference for Stalled Producers (#5286)

397659b created the potential for there to be no pending block after the call toproducer_plugin_impl::maybe_produce_block if the block was produced more than 5 seconds after its intended deadline. This is an exceptional case observed only when producing blocks on a node that is also servicing a large RPC request load. Nevertheless, in that case the logging that would execute after the call to producer_plugin_impl::maybe_produce_block presumed that the pending block was present and valid without checking resulting in a dereferenced null pointer.

Fix for MongoDB action filtering (#5306)

Previous filtering functionality in the deprecated history_plugin was based on action_trace which includes the actions that implicitly execute during a transaction. The filtering for MongoDB was meant to be identical to that functionality.

Fix for (#5355)

Changes to cleos in v1.2.0 broke this tutorial script.

Fix incorrect JSON field expected by cleos (#5294)

cleos was not expecting the correct JSON response for /v1/chain/get_account when attempting to infer the parent value for a new permission when invoking cleos set account permission ACCOUNT active PUBKEY

Remove deprecated support for code_as_wasm parameter (#5354)

Use of this parameter was deprecated in the v1.2.0 release and is being removed.

Return data even if ABI deserialization fails (#5260)

Occasionally, RPC responses would misreport a successful transaction submission as unsuccessful due to time constraints on pretty-printing the action payload.

Consider delays when determining keys (#5291)

/v1/chain/get_required_keys was not taking the delay in the transaction into account when determining which keys to return.


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We tested on Jungle Testnet and We are done on Mainnet. Thanks to Cryptolion!

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