Block Producer Roadmap In the first quarter of 2018, we have started preparing ourselves to be a block producer. We assembled the team and decided our core value as bridging the gap between the community and the industry. In the second quarter of 2018, we successfully formed the relationship with 9cat community and the local blockchain industry. At this point, we have successfully grown the connection between the community and industry. Our community so far has more than 1,000 active members and we are hosting more than 4 events each week in different cities to bring the industry experts to the community. All of the major step ups are happening in the third quarter. We are going to hosting more EOS educational events for entry level developers. We are going to focus on strengthening our relationship with EOS developers and provide them with the support they need for development.

Position on dividend We believe that transparency is the most important factor in EOS block producer community due to the nature of DPoS. We are determined to serve the EOS community for a long term. All financial benefit from being a block producer will be reinvested in the EOS ecosystem development. Our goal is to see an increasing amount of community involvement in the EOS ecosystem and dApps that is based on the EOS platform.


If you are an advanced blockchain user, feel free to use any of those tools that you are comfortable with.

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