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Enterprise-Grade Hosting

EOS9CAT nodes reside in the best data center of Vancouver, BC, Canada. Our data centre features connectivity to 20+ unique networks and direct access to the Vancouver Internet Exchange (VANIX); N (primary UPS, N+1 generators), A+B (2N UPS, N+1 generators) configurations on power supply; Top level physical security (Tailgate-proof circle lock mantrap, CCTV, S2 keycard & biometric access) with security guards manning it 24/7.

Enterprise-Grade Build

EOS9CAT nodes are built on bare metal servers from the ground up. Instead of taking to the easy path to set up a block producer node on AWS with 15 minutes, we decided to do the hard thing to build every piece of the infrastructure by oursleves, and bring the much-needed diversity as part of a healthy decentralized network. We came across too many block producer candidates who run their instances on AWS or Aliyun. When the vast majority of the block producers are building the nodes like this, how much is the difference between EOS and a centralized AWS or Aliyun service?

Enterprise-Grade Operation

EOS9CAT nodes are powered by Kubernetes, the best in class container orchestration system. The infrastructure has the high availability in the vein. Our implementation features automation in all operation lifecycle, including image build, container deployment, hot release upgrade, data integrity recovery, on-demand scaling, primary / backup block producer failover, and many others. Credit goes to the block producer architecture pioneer, we were able to design on top of their recommendations and combined the best practices, such as public full nodes and private block producer node separation, load balancing, secure channels, and the list goes on.

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The quality of our people is the cornerstone of our ability to serve our clients. For this reason, we invest our resources.


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By Community

EOS9CAT team is made from the local technology and startup community, called 9CAT. We have known each other, and worked with each other for a long time. Every member is truly dedicated industry professional, we have the confidence of being one of the most sophisticated nodes, and bringing a great deal of value to the EOS ecosystem.

For Community

EOS9CAT team inherited the genes of sharing and giving back from 9CAT. When look back in time, 9CAT community has the tracking record of consistently delivering high frequency, free of charge, educational events in a weekly basis. For the technology and startup audience, we have been welcoming them in 4 locations every week, that is more than 200 sessions a year, with a reach of a few thousand people. And these numbers are continue growing.

In Community

EOS9CAT is backed by local technology companies nurturing and sponsoring 9CAT for years. We perfectly matched and combined our capabilities in server hardware and cloud services, software development and operations, blockchain and cryptocurrency. EOS is no trivial matter. The only way to achieve it is strong drive and leadership.

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